Tonight I attended the first of what I hope will be many classes with Laura. The focus of tonight’s lesson was cruciferous vegetables; we started off with a handout to review the many veggies in the category and all of the important health benefits they provide. It was immediately clear that Laura really knows her stuff! I thought she gave us just the right amount of information to give context to the lesson without getting too bogged down in the science.

Then we dove right in preparing three dishes: a bok choy and apple slaw, steamed broccoli salad, and an arugula mushroom saute with cauliflower “rice.” I loved how hands on the class was. Laura gave us tips for better knife technique and even sharpened the knives we brought from home. We five students had plenty of opportunities to prepare the different ingredients, and the class moved quickly enough that we were never bored. And then of course we got to eat! All of the food was delicious, and nothing felt too intimidating to replicate at home. Not only did we get a chance to try some familiar ingredients in new ways, but we met some veggies that I wouldn’t have even been able to identify before tonight (hello, daikon).

I would recommend these cooking classes to anyone- of any level of expertise- who is interested in learning more about the power of eating natural, whole, unprocessed foods and how to prepare them in a way that’s both appetizing and healing. I can’t wait to go back for “alternative grains” in a couple weeks!
- Laura B. Austin, TX”
There is only one word to describe our chef, Laura Slayton: FANTASTIC! Our September 12th cooking class/bridal shower for my daughter was fun, unique, and chocked full of nutrition and cooking tips. Her warmth and welcoming personality made us all feel at home. Her knowledge of nutrition was an added bonus, and we learned everything from how to handle a knife, to how to use herbs for flavor. While my daughter opened her gifts on the shaded patio, Laura and her talented husband, Scott (he did a soft shoe to entertain arriving guests) set up the table indoors with the meals we prepared. The food was magnificent and enjoyed by all. I would suggest that you book with Laura before everyone else finds out about this jewel of a cooking class. (She teaches piano too!) Thank you again, Laura and Scott. I intend to get some friends together so we can do this again!”
- Denise J. Arlington, TX.
Laura is amazing! My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary at Hattie May Inn and signed up for Laura’s cooking class. Laura caters to all diet needs, I particularly asked for dairy free recipes. We learned knife techniques, learned about the nutritional value of all the food we were preparing & it all made sense thanks to Laura’s patience and vast knowledge on holistic health! The food was very tasty and healthy, the homemade almond cake topped it all off!!! We had a blast and I plan on taking more classes from Laura”
- Thania B. Fort Worth, TX
I planned a sisterhood event for my sorority here and our cooking class was awesome! We made easy quick dishes college students can make at home (hummus, quinoa and kale salad) and all the food was SO good. Laura gave us some really cool nutrition tips and she also happens to be hilarious. I got so many compliments from the girls about how much fun they had and I left feeling like I ate some really great quality, wholesome food. I would definitely recommend taking one of Laura’s classes! You won’t regret it!”
- Jessica N. Fort Worth, TX
I went to one of Laura’s cooking classes where we made/ate an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Laura is a holistic nutritionist and natural foods chef, which I don’t come across a lot, so this was a treat.
Laura had prepped a few things for us so we weren’t there for 5 hours. We made a “stack” of polenta, hummus, roasted peppers, and avocado with a balsamic drizzle (other toppings were available but that was mine). She makes everything from scratch, so the hummus and polenta were fresh! Then we made a red-wine reduction sauce (I’ll find the name later) to which we added roasted vegetables and marinated tempeh. None of us had tried tempeh before, but I think it gained a couple fans that night. Then Laura made us a banana sorbet served with different toppings (including homemade granola!) and warm cookies. After dinner we had a great chat with Laura and her husband, they are lovely people. She has various other classes you can take as noted on the website. We felt good that we experienced a wholesome meal and gained a little more knowledge of natural foods!”
- Samantha S. Forth Worth, TX
This was the first cooking class I’ve taken and it was excellent. I signed up for the class with my girlfriend, who is very health-conscious, to learn more about cooking with grains. Laura was a true expert not only on the cooking process, but was able to explain (in language I could understand) exactly why certain ingredients should or shouldn’t be used. She is a true master at her craft and is able to back it up with real life stories and explanations which only add to her credibility. You will go home with great new recipes which aren’t overwhelming and will inspire you to start substituting healthy ingredient options in all your cooking!”
- David L. Arlington, TX.

My mom and I just came back from Laura's cooking class and I just had to say  how much fun we had!!! This was a present to my mom and she was worried that a "healthy cooking class" would be boring and the food would be inedible. Well, Laura made us feel comfortable immediately and we created a menu that included some of my mom's favorite foods but they were prepared in a healthy manner. The dishes tasted great and we learned that healthy cooking can be delicious! Laura gave us the her recipes and we are psched to make them at home!!! Thanks Laura!

Debbie, Dallas, Tx.