All classes include nutrition education, basic knife skills to make healthy meals easier to prepare, cooking demonstrations/food samples, menu planning, and cooking practice.  We will discuss the nutritional benefits, learn how to prepare the dishes, then, of course, eat what we make!


Individual Lessons

  • Reviewing your current nutritional status and wellness goals
  • Developing a new diet program with specific recommendations 
  • Guiding you through food markets
  • Transforming your kitchen pantry
  • Providing cooking instruction in the kitchen for a life-long foundation of good cooking skills
  • Teaching you how to make delicious dishes that your family will love


Group Lessons

I will help your group build a foundation of health that will last throughout their lives based on sound nutrition and cooking skills

Available for:

  • Corporate and Organization Events- present informative and entertaining lectures complete with cooking demonstrations
  • Health and Wellness Fairs-present nutrition information with food samples with emphasis on ways to improve/maintain health through nutrition
  • Friends and Family Cooking Lessons- as we have fun cooking together, I provide nutrition education
  • Couples- instead of going out to dinner, we will create a menu that focuses on whole foods, and have fun cooking together
  • Group Grocery Shopping Field Trips- let's all go to the store together and learn how to select nutritious ingredients for meals and snacks
  • Parent and Child Cooking Lessons- the best way to instill healthy eating habits that last a lifetime is to cook together